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Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Kraft Mac and Cheese

To help families make convenient, quick and affordable meals that the entire family could enjoy, a Kraft Foods salesman in St. Louis, Missouri, decided to pair grated-cheese envelopes together with packages of quick-cooking macaroni. Once local retailers put the combined product on their shelves, the idea caught on quickly. 

Since its introduction 75 years ago, Kraft macaroni & cheese dinner has been a family favorite and is one of the fastest-selling food items in the grocery store.  Kraft makes a variety of delicious macaroni and cheese dinners:
  • Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner
  • Kraft Microwavable Macaroni and Cheese Dinner
  • Kraft Deluxe Macaroni and Cheese Dinner
  • Kraft Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese Dinner

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Fun Facts
  • 1943: World War II forced Americans to economize and many items were rationed to aid the war effort. Careful shoppers purchased 50 million boxes of Kraft macaroni & cheese dinner because they could get two boxes with one food ration stamp.
  • 1997: For its 60th anniversary, Kraft macaroni & cheese launched the first "I Want the Blues" contest. More than 10,000 children enter the contest by sharing why they love Kraft macaroni & cheese dinner for a chance for their picture to appear on the famous blue box.
  • 2006: Kraft Organic macaroni & cheese dinner is introduced. The product is made with the certified USDA organic cheddar cheese and macaroni and contains no artificial preservatives or flavors.
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese