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For more than 140 years, A.1. has brought bold, robust flavor to meals. Legend has it that A.1. Sauce was originally developed by Henderson William Brand, chef to England's King George IV, as a special sauce for the royal table. Today, A.1. offers a wide variety of sauces, dry rubs, and liquid marinades for beef, chicken and pork.

A.1. Fun Facts
  • A.1. Sauce became a commercial product in 1862.
  • Throughout the late 1800s, A.1. Sauce won several accolades and awards in London and Paris.
  • A.1. Liquid Marinades were launched in 2000.
  • A.1. launched four new Dry Rubs in 2012. 
  • In 2014, A.1. ended its 50-year, exclusive relationship with steak.  Reflecting the dining habits of A.1. fans who enjoy saucing many different foods, the brand returned to its original name, A.1. Sauce.